Traveling table / column machine for broaches

The BG handles the grinding of flat and round broaches with ease. It finds its place mainly in the automotive and aerospace industries. Design and programming of the BG is based on many years of design and manufacturing experience in the tool industry. The BG signifies not only a machine concept but also a complete technology package consisting of machine and competence in tool manufacturing.

The BG 1000 / 2000-T models are very compact traveling table machines for the grinding of broaches up to 200 mm
diameter. They are designed to grind straight and helical teeth with very stable grinding behavior.

The BG 2000 / 3000-C models are based on the moving column principle and display very consistent machining even on very heavy work pieces. They are designed for broaches up to 600 mm diameter. The distinguishing characteristics are profile precision, maintaining center and ease of use. Grinding of inner features is available as an option.

Benefit Overview

  • High-precision profile machine for tool and mold industry
  • Good cost-performance ratio
  • Flexible process guidance
  • Robust design
  • Easy to program

Design Characteristics

  • Robust construction
  • Large drives and high grinding capacity
  • Open access to grinding area for easy loading
  • Quick set-up change from round to rectangular tools

Machine Concept

  • Traveling table design for tools up to Ø 200 mm
  • Traveling column design for tools up to Ø 600 mm
  • Both models optional grinding of inner features
  • Design and software suited for all profile grinding tasks on round and flat work pieces
  • Very versatile

broachLine BG

BG 1000S-T

BG 2000S-T

BG 2500S-T

BG 3000S-C

Table Drive



Distance between Centers (mm)





Height of Centers (mm)



Workpiece Diameter (mm)



Spindle Power (kW)


Grinding Wheel (mm)

40-400 x 50

broachLine BG (helical)

BG 1000 H-T

BG 2000 H-T BG 2500 H-T BG 3000 S-C

Swivel angle

+/- 120°