microCut 320 DS
Economical creep-feed grinding

The microCut 320 DS / TS is equipped with two opposing grinding spindles. This design was specifically conceived for the simultaneous grinding of opposing surfaces. This grinding process offers numerous advantages including a reduction in processing time, increased parallelism and profile symmetry of the work piece. Additionally, the opposing grinding forces counteract and avoid material stresses in the work piece.

Profile dressing of the grinding wheel can be performed on the table or with headmounted roll dressing units. Headmounted dressing units can be used intermittently or continuously. To accommodate for the offset between two profiles the position of the upper dressing unit can be adjusted in the cross direction via CNC controls. This machine is commonly used to grind the fir tree profile on turbine vanes.

To increase productivity this model can be equipped with a loading table rotating +/- 180º. This table allows the loading and unloading of work pieces during the grinding process.

Grinding wheels and dressing rolls are being changed in a separate machine area to improve ease of operation.

This machine comes equipped with the Sinumerik 840D CNC control system by Siemens and is prepared for a multitude of applications by ELB pre-defined program cycles. We have application engineers and programmers on staff for every grinding task.

Benefit Overview

  • Large machining capacity through simultaneous grinding of two sides
  • Compact machine design
  • Avoiding of material stresses through dual spindle grinding
  • Great long-term precision through single set-up machining
  • Ideal for cell configuration
  • Optional loading table
  • Automatic tool changer

Design Characteristics

  • Modular building block system
  • Optional loading table allows loading during grinding process
  • Pre-loaded linear guideways in all axes
  • Use of 2- or 3-axis indexing devices possible
  • Can be equipped with up to three grinding spindles
  • Well-sized grinding spindles and wheel for high machining capacity
  • Grinding wheel attachment with cone or HSK
  • Optional grinding wheel changer


320 DS

320 TS

Grinding Width (mm)


Grinding Length (mm)


Work Piece Height (mm)

max. 100

Distance Spindle Center to Table (mm)



Spindle Power (kW)

22 / 52

Spindle Cone (mm)

75 / 90

Grinding Wheel (mm)

500 x 100 (250) x 203.2

Dimensions / Weight

Length A (mm)


Width B (mm)


Height C (mm)


Weight (kg)


All values are approximated and may change depending on selected options. All information is subject to change.