Compact solution for creep-feed grinding

The microCut model was specifically designed to meet the requirements of profile and creep-feed grinding applications. The modular traveling column design offers a small foot print which can be easily configured into economical production cells frequently used in the turbine industry.

This machine is available in compact standard sizes but special designs with spindle power up to 52 kW are also feasible.

The integration into production lines is achieved through automatic material handling and tool changes. A common solution to reduce non-productive time is to equip the microCut with an index table to allow loading and unloading during machining times.

For high-precision applications, dressing of the grinding wheel can be done on the table with a roll dressing unit or via interpolation of feed and cross axes. For high-production grinding, head mounted roll dressing units for intermittent or continuous use are available. For complex grinding tasks, dual head mounted dressing units and tool changers are being used. The microCut is frequently used with Corundum, CBN and diamond grinding wheels.

A trunnion table can be mounted on the machine table to allow the processing of multiple sides of a work piece. With the Sinumerik 840D sl CNC control the microCut can grind complex shapes by interpolating multiple axes. Proven ELB programming templates are available for most grinding applications. We have application engineers and programmers on staff for every grinding task.

Benefit Overview

  • Compact machine design
  • High rate of material removal
  • High long-term precision
  • Ideal for cell layout
  • Optional index table for loading/ unloading during grinding
  • Automatic tool changer

Design Characteristics

  • Modular building block system
  • Easy lifting and placing through attached electrical panel
  • Linear guideways for all axes are preloaded
  • Use of vertical and horizontal indexing devices
  • Over-sized grinding spindle and wheels for large material removal capacity
  • Grinding wheel attachment with cone or HSK
  • Optional grinding wheel changer
  • Optional automatic loading and unloading of work pieces


250 S


320 DS


Grinding Width (mm)





Grinding Length (mm)





Distance Spindle Center to Table (mm)

400 / 600



400 / 600

Spindle Power (kW)

22 / 37 / 52

37 / 52

37 / 52

37 / 52

Spindle Cone (mm)


75 / 90

75 / 90

90/125, HSK 100 /125

Grinding Wheel (mm)

400 x 100 x 127

500 x 100 x 203.2

500 x 100 x 203.2

500 x 100 - 160 x 203.2

All values are approximated and may change depending on selected options. All information is subject to change.