rotary V/VS
Machining of rings exact to the micron

The rotary model combines the robust construction of the ELB-column with a precision rotary table. The resulting machine concept provides convincing results in precision and productivity.

On the rotary V machines the grinding spindle is arranged vertically. This arrangement enables the machine to perform ID and OD grinding tasks. This model is especially suited for high-precision grinding applications of rotation-symmetrical work pieces.

The VS-line offers +/- 45 degree tilting of the spindle for grinding of conical shapes on both ID and OD operations.

Machines with this configuration of spindle and rotary table are often used in general manufacturing for the grinding of flanges and spindles.

Rotary family machines equipped with vertical spindle utilize HSK tool adapters. Together with CNC and and tool changer options, the rotary vs transforms into an automatic flexible grinding center.

Machines up to a grinding width of 800 mm are built with a Microgranit base. Microgranit has high dampening capabilities and thermo-stability which positively influence the grinding result.

Benefit Overview

  • ID, OD and face machining, optional cone machining
  • Flexible spindle arrangement
  • High long-term precision
  • Precision rotary table
  • Option to use rotary table as B-axis
  • Robust design

Design Characteristics

rotary V

  • V 6/8 with Microgranit machine base
  • V 10/12 use heavy gusseted welded steel construction
  • Table can be swiveled for chamfer grinding (option)
  • Compact design


rotary VS

  • Machine base with X-axis
  • Table-mounted single grain diamond and roll dressing units available
  • Optional automatic wheel changer

rotary V / VS



Grinding Diameter (mm)

600 / 800 / 1,000 / 1,200

Grinding Height (mm)

400 / 650 / 900

Spindle Power (kW at RPM)

23,1 at max. 7,000 / 30 at max. 16,000

Spindle Cone (mm)

HSK 63

HSK 80

Grinding Wheel (mm)

max. 300 x 50 x 76.2

(depending on work piece)

max. 400 x 50 x 127

(depending on work piece)

Dimensions / Weight

Length A (mm)



Width B (mm)



Height C (mm)



Weight (kg)



All values are approximated and may change depending on selected options. All information is subject to change.