Economical grinding of small work pieces

This model is well suited for efficient, economical processing of circular work pieces via surface and step grinding operations. There is no lost time through deceleration, acceleration and reversal as with conventional reciprocation grinding. The grinding wheel remains in contact with the work piece throughout the grinding process. Single work pieces can be located centrically on the table while multiple work pieces can be located concetrically to optimize table space utilization. A tilting table option allows grinding of chamfers or blade edges (i.e. circular blades), where the table can be tilted +/- 5(8) degrees.

The high-precision rotary table of the rotary models is belt driven. This machine is offered with the xpressCube SPS controls package. A software option is available for step grinding operations.

Benefit Overview

  • Compact and robust machine design
  • High productivity through continuous contact between wheel and work piece
  • High long-term precision
  • Precision rotary table
  • Easy to operate

Design Characteristics

  • Microgranit machine base
  • Rotary table with scraped guides
  • Table can be swiveled for chamfer grinding (option)
  • Compact design

rotary H




Grinding Diameter (mm)




Distance Magnetic Chuck to Spindle Center (mm)




Spindle Power (kW)

10 / 15


Spindle Cone (mm)



Grinding Wheel (mm)

400 x 100 x 127


Table Swivel Angle (Degree)

+ / - 8

+ / - 5



All values are approximated and may change depending on selected options. All information is subject to change.